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Our school is located at Dongshih Township in Chiayi County.
It was established in 1965 while naming “the Longgang Branch of Sangchang Primary School ”. In1968, the name of “Longgang Elementary School” was formed.

It has been over 40 years since our school was established. We anticipate cultivating our students to have the accomplishment of humanity and the feeling of native culture through the arrangement of curriculum and the guidance of our teachers.
We make our effort to create a pure and healthy environment and make our campus full of vigor and energy.
We aggressively gather our teachers, parents and the resource of community in order to solidify the consciousness of group.

We believe all students are able to learn. A strong bond between school and home must be established for students to have an optimal opportunity for academic. Character education is also emphasized because it is an integral part of a child’s education.